Bell-Jar Tipi Isıl (Thermal) Sistemler

Bell-Jar Type

Thermal Systems

Bell-Jar type simple evaporation systems are ideal for everyday use. Up to four box type evaporators can be integrated.

Load-Lock Equipped

Coating Systems

Systems with Load-Lock chambers are preferable for faster processing and higher
quality coating of products.

Sert Lehimleme (Brazing) Sistemleri


With brazing systems, dissimilar materials such as ceramic-copper can be soldered together. Easy to use with fully automatic computer control.

Elektron Demet (E-Beam) Sistemleri

Evaporation Systems

They are ideal systems for evaporation of materials with high melting temperatures. They can be used with thermal evaporation sources.

Glove-Box Entegre Vakum Sistemleri

Glove-Box Integrated
Vacuum Systems

They are very suitable systems for working with organic materials. It occupies little space in the Glove-Box with its sliding door mechanism.

Yüksek Güçlü Saçtırma (HiPIMS) Sistemleri

High Power Sputtering
(HiPIMS) Systems

HiPIMS Systems are equipped with high energy instant DC sputtering technology. They have very high ionization density.

Mıknatıslı Saçtırma (Sputter) Sistemleri

Magnetron Sputtering

They are suitable systems for preparing layered films using different materials. It is very comfortable to use with fully automatic control.

Plasma Chemical Vapor
Deposition (PeCVD) Systems

These are systems where chemical coatings are made with a 300W RF plasma power supply ..

Uzay Simülatör Sistemleri

Space Simulator

They are systems specially developed to create the desired space environment. Vacuum, gas environment and temperature values..

Isıl Buharlaştırma (Thermal) Sistemleri

Thermal Evaporation

They are systems in which heat-welded, very sensitive layered films can be prepared for up to 4 different materials in box-type cabinets.

Isıl ve Saçtırma Kombine (Combined) Sistemleri

Thermal and Sputtering
Combined Systems

They are systems in which very sensitive layered films can be prepared by sputtering up to 4 different materials in box type cabinets.

Vakum Fırınları ve Gaz Atma Sistemleri

Vacuum Furnaces and
Gas Discharge Systems

These are systems specially developed for cleaning and degassing of samples in the temperature range of 30-500°C and in high vacuum.